Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Hi .

I've been sick, but i've also been slacking off because I just didn't feel like blogging. It's not always easy to make your posts interesting to read or look at. It can be down right tiring, and I've been too tired already because i've been sick. But since i'm feeling better, and because it's a holiday week, I've decided to jump back in. At least for a while. School is going to get pretty sticky in the next couple weeks because I have 1 more big test and 3 big papers due all before finals even begin!! College is hard in case you didn't know. Lucky for me I only have one more semester! Whoohoo. I'm done for EVER in April. I have no desire whatsoever to continue with any sort of formal education. I hate papers, tests and homework and presentations and deadlines. All yucky.

Anyway, just ranting. Tomorrow I'll blog about my weekend.

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