Sunday, October 14, 2007


Nikki and I had a blast of a night on Friday. I probably talked more in those few short hours than I have in weeks! Scott and I have been spending a lot of time on campus and it's been pretty boring. I can't wait to graduate! Becoming Jane was an EXCELLENT movie--for girls, Scott would have hated it for sure! And who could ever pass up Jamba!! YUM. Nikki's apartment is also very nice, much bigger "living space" than what we had in Centennial. The front rooms are just much more open and flowing. I like that. W/D in the apt also a plus! I can attest to the joy of not holding quarters at the same ranking as gold!!

Today I made cookies. YUM. Scott snitched right as i was taking the picture! The oven mitt also found them to be very desirable. Recipe can be found here.

We also had the Primary Program today. I was really cranky this morning because I didn't want to go to church and I was afraid of the same disaster happening that happened during practice! To my surprise though all the kids were well prepared--I said the theme line for a boy that wasn't there, and then the other little boy, Reese, had his scripture memorized, and then all the kids except one very shy boy that I couldn't even get to stand up and sing went up and said exactly what they were supposed to! I was pleasantly surprised! And then later, Scott taught a lesson about temples and it was really cute. He's pretty good with kids. He's also a really good teacher, I'm always impressed by this.

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