Wednesday, October 24, 2007

today, i killed a tree.

Today. I killed a tree. And i was paid to do it.

As a secretary, in the Civil Engineering department, we help faculty with various projects or copy/scan jobs etc. The second block of classes started today, and one teacher had this enormous 75+ page packet with the syllabus and assignments and references, etc. He had color paper separating the sections. I had to copy it section by section--and make 49 packets!! That is a TON of paper! So I was pretty much finished--it'd already taken me over an hour and a half, when I noticed a detail that looked wrong. I asked Tamera and turns out she told me wrong--it needed to be single sided copies not double. SO, I had to recopy the big white paper sections--TONS more paper and TIME was running out--I had a deadline of 3:30. With all the assembling, copying, recopying sections that went wrong, sorting, stapling, etc, etc---I finished at 3:15. I was beat up tired too. I recycled all the messed up copies, but it was probably a good couple reams of paper worth.

on a happier note...someone left this nice little poppable piece of pleasure in the garbage can!! Kept me de-stressed when I went into the copy room to check on my ever-so-slow copy job.

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