Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween...Almost

Best Haunting Ever!
Scott and I went with Braden Hansen (friend from GA going to BYUI) and his date, Becca, And then Scott's sister Alison, and her roommate at BYUI and also Braden's sister, Kelsey (did ya get all that =/ ) to The Dreaded Grove in Springiville on Saturday!! Tickets were $16 bucks a pop! And that didn't include the swamp ride or the zip line ride--which we opted out of since we would have had to pay more. It was basically this: You get a number when you arrive, you wait for your number to appear on the the counter above the stage where a live band plays. While you wait you can do these things--eat food (pay), see a fortune teller (which we didin't do cuz we thought you had to pay, but found out later you don't), sit by the bonfire (cuz it's COLD) or watch a movie in a tent--They were playing
The Corpse Bride, so that's what we did while we waited (Now I wanna finish the movie because i've never seen it before) OK, then you go stand in line and they let the line of 15s go in party by party so that you get spread out. The actual "Haunting" as they call it, is a trail through the woods led by a few candles and lanterns here and there (and the full moon which we had when we went!) You go on bumpy, sometimes squishy uneven paths, go through shacks or covered bridges, or other small buildings of sort, through the woods and a field part. It was pretty big and definitely worth it! I have never been to anything better EVER. I went to Rockie's Haunted Mansion last year with Scott which is supposed to be the best there is--not so compared to this! Definitely have to go with a boy you really really wanna clench onto because I definitely almost took his arm off sometimes! It was a blast! (It ends Nov 4th so you could technically still go this weekend if you wanted to)

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  1. Is this the one where all the proceeds go to cancer research???


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