Friday, October 19, 2007

As the Weeks Whiz By

This morning I was sitting at the table, eating my bowl of the generic version of POPS, across from my husband, and I was reflecting on my life in the present.

I've been married for 2 months, 20 days and a couple hours (about 81 days). We've traveled to 13 different places, gone to church in 4 different places, slept in 8 different beds, and have been through several minor tiffs from anything from the tube of toothpaste, laundry on the floor to debating about our plans for Thanksgiving. Definitely a bit of adjusting and a few surprises.

We've had plenty of laughs. We love more than anything to wake up next to each other each morning. We enjoy teasing and shopping for groceries together. I love it when he does the dishes so I don't have to. We have our struggles too--we can't seem to get our bed made in the morning, we are fighting to get through school in one piece and get regular meals at regular times. I struggle with moodiness--especially in the morning when I'm dreading to go out into the cold, fight the traffic, the endless struggle for a parking spot and the long days on campus.

But through every bit of mundane day-to-day prosaic home life, I am seriously blessed to have this amazing man by my side. I cannot believe how unbelieveably blessed I am to have found him and to claim him as all mine. I feel like I can take on anything, conquer any trial and be a better person with him right by my side and I will only continue to love him more as we make our way through life's joys and trials.

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