Thursday, October 04, 2007

All in a day's work

Ok, so I got a job!! FINALLY, right?! I got a streak of luck and got an interview with the Civil Engineering Department office for a secretary position. I know they interviewed other people, but I guess they liked me best! I have no clue why! I was sooooo nervous.
My first couple days there have been pretty good, though I'm still scared of the phone and the unknown inquiries that come from the other end of it!! (I am making progress though, today I answered the phone and could help the person without asking for help! Yay for me) I work with 2 full time department secretaries and then another student secretary, Amanda, and she's really nice and friendly. It's going to be a good place to work. Right now it's stressful just because I'm nervous and don't know quite everything yet, but I'm sure as the weeks go by things will get better and I'll catch my confidence along the way. I learn a ton everyday. After this job I will have a good reference on my resume, and skills that will help me in the future.

pS. I learned how to use a ...insert *gasp* here...Typewriter!!!! AND, I liked it !!!

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