Saturday, September 15, 2007

Never a dull Saturday

Scott and I did TONS today!
Not only did we wake up early, we were ready and out of the house by 9am! That includes a fantastically satisfying dose of Saturday morning laziness if you can believe it.
After some lucky charm goodness, we constructed our route for which yardsales we would visit--first in Springville, then in Provo which was our eventual route anyway for the rest of our day's plans. We were actually pretty successful in our hunt for some furniture. Our goal: new couch, and/or chairs for our dining room and desk. We came across 2 different couches. The first was nice, very flowery though which Scott was immediately against, naturally. But it was really really nice. However upon getting out a tape measure we found it to be about 84 inches. Our couch can really go in only one spot in our tiny living room. That spot includes a wall that is about 73 inches. So the first couch was ruled out and we left, not even knowing how much it was. Continuing along, we actually stumbled across some more couches. there was a sofa and a loveseat, both with slipcovers on them. The loveseat was obviously a no-go because just from looking at it, the back cushions were poking out and all lumpy looking-:( The sofa was actually pretty good though, and the slipcover looked nice too. The guy was offering it for only $10!!! Unfortunely though, it was 89 inches! even BIGGER than the other one! So we left. We drove around Provo and came upon a yard sale that wasn't in our plans (easy to do on a Saturday morning when the weather's right) and we stopped because they had 2 dining sets out. So we parked around the corner and then walked back to take a look. We found many good surprises actually. We found a snowboard that was just the right size for me, and in pretty good shape too! It doesn't have bindings, though and could use a new wax job, but we got it anyway! YAY! We also inquired to see if they would sell us the chairs without the table. They would--there were 3 chairs and they wanted $20 for them. We lingered a little and looked around as we discussed it, and then we eventually bought them and the snowboard for $30. I think we did very well. The chairs are solid oak, very sturdy and not in very bad shape. In fact if I'm feeling ambitious, I could sand them down and give them a nice wax and they would look awesome. I may do just that.
So then it was really just after 10 o'clock. We went to campus and walked up to the compter lab where Scott works. He wanted to work on stuff and I brought homework to do too until I got a call from my friend Nikki who I had plans to hang out with. She met us there and we bummed around on the computers for a while. Then the 3 of us headed back to Springville. It was quite the feat though, because we had put all 3 chairs in the backseat! They wouldn't fit in the trunk! So Nikki squished underneath one--awkward but not totally uncomfortable she said. And 20 minutes later we were back home. I showed her around and showed off some of my new cool stuff--wedding presents are awesome! And then I showed here where I was doing laundry (we just use our renters' w/d and have assigned days--Tues and Saturdays) We then spent about 2 hours eating lunch--pizza, and looking at pictures from my cruise in Europe with Scott's Family.
Around 2:30, we'd hit a bump and got kinda bored, so Scott and I took Nikki back, hit up the 7-eleven for a slushy and then met Robbie, Dave, and Steven Cole for a 9-hold round of golf. I opted out and just watched. It was pretty decent weather, the sun stayed behind clouds for the better part of the game which was good. I hate the sun, if you didn't know. Scott made his first ever birdie on the very last hole. Way to end it! It was sweet awesomeness, and I'm sure he'll agree. We then went back home, I made biscuits while he fiddled around and then we watched a movie. He's working on hw now as I finished this entry and I will most definitely be hitting the pillow in about 5 minutes. I'm pooped!

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  1. Hey! Your chairs sound like an awesome deal!

    P.S. You hate the sun???


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