Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In Munchkinland...click to see full picture

I watched my nephews for 2 days while my sister was at Girl's Camp with her ward (Greg had to work during the day obviously) The first day's morning we spent most of it at the park--I took lots of pictures and Charlie and I had fun shooting up the air rocket as high as we could and trying to catch it. Scott came and helped for a couple hours in the morning the second day--which helped a lot because the boys love him! I could take it easy (I wasn't really feeling my best) until he left around lunchtime--then i had things to do like make lunch and put Jack down for a nap. Keeping Charlie busy isn't that hard during Jack's nap time and then when he wakes up it's only a while longer until Greg returned home from work that I had to keep them busy and not fighting or getting into trouble. It's hard to take care of two little boys all day long! Props to you Jen! I don't know how you do it all the time!!

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