Saturday, June 02, 2007


not a post since Wednesday? How uncharacteristic of me.

I've been pretty busy. Thursday Jen and I kept busy running around doing wedding stuff, and Friday I managed to find plenty to do with going to buy the invitations and working on my research project with my group partner. Friday Night was one of made up games and going through lists of things to do with no results... we ended up inventing a game and then playing a "what I know about you" game of battleship. You couldn't shoot until you answered a question about the other person correctly--that took a couple hours. Today we took the invitations to the printer, got McDonald's for breakfast and worked on deciding which off-shore excursions to do for our cruise in August. Kind of wish we were made of money so we wouldn't have to figure anything out--everything is so dang expensive. This cruise is costing us a lot more than I imagined...duh, Katie. Somehow I thought I could go to Europe for free...yeah riiiiight. The camera will be my friend.

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