Tuesday, May 22, 2007

WiSh LiSt....

This is the Retroglide 7, it's about $200-something. However...basically I want this style bike, with hand breaks and the ability to shift gears. So if you find one similar with these features--I'll be all smiles. I want a red or blue one. Rating my wanting-ness for a bike= 8/10

Oh look I did some homework and found this one:Pacific-Shorewood-Womens-26-Inch-Cruiser $129

Discovery Digital Jump Rope


Harry Potter and

the Deathly Hallows

Pre-order for July 21st $19 @amazon.com

Joan of Arcadia

second season DVD

About $30 on amazon.com

Tennis racquet Ü

new camera. Scott dropped mine.

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  1. What? Is your birthday coming up or something???


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