Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I went to see Hamlet with Scott, his mom, Brenda and two sisters, Darcy and Alison, last night. We got slightly dolled up and went to the play a little early. The set was a-mazing! The sets for the last couple plays I've seen have been just remarkable. It was built to look like the outside part of a castle I guess. It was all "stone" and there were 3 levels with stairs on both sides and then 3 big openings to go from backstaget to out in view--they played a key part in the special effects, and they had these gates that would all open or all close at the same time. I'm realizing that as I'm explaining this there is no way you would ever truly be able to visualize what it really looks like--sorry. They had a bazillion special lights on both sides of the stage and they used these for the special effects. The actors were doing a great job, but by the time intermission came, Scott had turned to his mom and waved his hand over his head to say that "whoosh=it was all over his head"; he didn't get anything that was going on. Brenda was joking around saying they she'd have a better time bowling. Darcy was just as clueless. Alison was the only one who was understanding everything going on--she was helping scott throughout the play. I've read Hamlet twice, but was struggling to keep up and know exactly what was happening. The director also took some liberty and rearranged some of the seens to make the already long long play, shorter. However, it kind of made some parts confusing and hard to understand. Talking and laughing about it all during intermission, we all got up and left laughing. We talked about the play the whole way to the car and Ali and I tried explaining parts to Brenda and Scott. It was all very funny. We went to get icecream at the Creamery on 9th. I got strawberry sundae crunch which was SO good. The "crunch" part was graham cracker crust. I felt like I was eating Coldstone icecream. BYU creamery is just as good, but at a much lower price. We took it back to Darcy's apt, which is one floor below mine, to eat our ice cream and then we all went over to Scott's and played Doubles in Tennis, and Bowling on the Nintendo Wii--Which I'm addicted to by the way. Blame it on the fact that I don't get to play any computer games out here at college--I must miss it ;) We got everyone to leave at 11 and Scott and I enjoyed the empty apartment and the alone time that we needed. It seems that we just haven't got much alone time since his mom and sis have been in town since last Thursday. It doesn't help that they have been using his car so the two of us can't go anywhere either. He then walked me home. It's getting harder to say goodnight, sometimes we just can't let go. I sure do love him, katie

Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of
separation -Kahlil Gibran

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