Monday, March 26, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday

The elliptical kicked my butt today, but I have to admit that excercises does feel so good. Getting to the gym is probably the hardest part, and fighting the occasional boredum, but man, there's nothing that beats that rush of accomplishment and all the feel-goodness of a good workout. I kind of wish I had the courage to do one of the classes at the gym. I watch them through the windows and it looks fun, and intense. But they also all look so coordinated...which i am not. I would feel so dumb going in there for a class one day and being the only person who has no clue what the next move is coming up when everyone else does.

Anyway. Like i said the elliptical kicked my trash today: 3.5miles, 40 min, 4800 steps, 380 calories. Wa-BAM!

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