Friday, May 27, 2005

All About Scott

This list is all about my hubby!!
(work in may come later)
((ignore post date--this was written Spring 2009))

My hubby...
  1. Drinks at least 1 soda a day.
  2. loves his fast food.
  3. is really good about brushing his teeth for the whole 2 minutes.
  4. looks really cute in his PJ pants
  5. loves playing tennis & racquetball
  6. is really good at playing ping pong
  7. has red hair
  8. only shaves when he has to. (usually on Wednesdays and Sundays)
  9. is brilliant with computers and technology
  10. keeps up with news and current events.
  11. loves history, espcially the presidents and WWII
  12. likes to read before bed.
  13. won his XBOX 360 at a Microsoft event.
  14. hates a long commute to work. Luckily his job is only about 20/25 minutes away.
  15. likes going to bed late and sleeping in on the weekends.
  16. takes pride in taking good care of his car
  17. is a fan of apple computers
  18. is good at explaining difficult computer stuff in terms and metaphors that I can understand.
  19. made me learn binary once.
  20. looks darn good in a suit.
  21. makes spaghetti for our family nearly every Sunday.
  22. is great at making bacon and hashbrowns.
  23. love avocado shakes (a brazillion thing)
  24. is good at packing light.
  25. hates it when I steal his pens.
  26. hates traffic and bad drivers.
  27. does all the taxes.
  28. prefers shoes and socks to sandals. even in the summer.
  29. is goofy and makes me laugh
  30. loves german chocolate cake and it's coconut/pecan frosting
  31. likes to research new technology
  32. is very excitted about his Home Theatre PC and his system for movies
  33. LOVEs fresh pineapple
  34. likes to have chocolate milk before bed
  35. plays games very competitively
  36. got really good grades throughout college and totally made me jealous.
  37. loves to play with Luke after he comes home from work
  38. Went to Brazil on his mission
  39. Quotes a lot of movies in daily conversation.
  40. Is more than willing to let other people pick out and buy his clothes for him.
  41. Always lets his hair get just a bit too long before bugging me to cut his hair
  42. is a hard worker
  43. is a good friend
  44. loves to surprise me and he's pretty good at it
  45. takes out the trash and does the dishes whenever he is asked to
  46. has way too many socks.
  47. loves using a new blade to shave, but he saves them for special occasions usually
  48. had a salt water fish tank complete with an eel as a teenager.
  49. is a sucker for a happy ending movie. If it has a bad ending he usually won't like the movie
  50. took me to the Nickelcade for our first date
  51. proposed to me in a hot air balloon which was on my life list
  52. tells people he proposed with a Taco Bell packet that says "will you marry me" and thinks it is hilarious, and knows it infuriates me to no end and thinks that is hilarious as well.
  53. is very ticklish
  54. gives the best hugs
  55. hates wearing his wedding ring--we ha to come up with a compromise--he only has to wear it
  56. Likes to read Google news
  57. thinks it's too girly to pluck eyebrows and put on lotion once in a while
  58. is really quite pathetic and sad when he is sick. I always feel so sorry for him!
  59. likes to wear hats
  60. has a loud voice
  61. cannot stand/sit still when he's on the phone. He constantly is moving around.
  62. tries to get me to go to the driving range at least twice a year. he rarely wins.
  63. is a good driver
  64. Goes grocery shopping with me every Saturday. I've only gone solo a few times in the 2 years we've been married.
  65. Often answers and talks in Portuguese
  66. doesn't like to commute more than 25 minutes
  67. hates traffic
  68. Always drives when we go somewhere together
  69. has a great sense of humor and knows how to make me laugh
  70. Always sets the alarm to an unusual number--like 7:36 or 7:12 instead of 7:30 or 7:15.
  71. He has a Brazilian soccer jersey is awesome and it's actually from Brazil, but the problem for me is it's the awful neon yellow with green--blinding and wha-bam! I actually hate when he wears it, but he loves it.
  72. He hates waiting until the toothpaste is totally gone before using a new tube
  73. He always leaves a little bit of cereal in the box instead of finishing it off. He moves on to the new cereals before finishing off any old ones.


  1. LOL #71.

    Scott: Hey, how do you like my jersey?
    Katie: I can't hear you; it's too loud.


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