Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Misc Pics from February

You know the drill...
Here's all the random pictures for the month from my camera and my phone that are cute enough to share, but not good enough for their own blog post ;)


So this has NEVER EVER happened before.  And will likely never happen again.  
Ruby doesn't take naps too often anymore and this day she fell asleep watching Daniel Tiger...at 5pm.
She was really OUT, too.  Like I wasn't even being quiet and she didn't budge.

I love that Ruby likes playing with the "boy" stuff in our house as much as the "girl" toys. 
She's an adorable little Hulk! 

Just sitting in the carpool line.  Again.  Err Day... 

She's at it again!  Naughty, Naughty... 

Sometimes Ruby makes Daddy do funny things when they play...like sit in the basement shower.
2.11.17  Ruby doesn't always love nature. 

Family Fire Pit Night  

Enjoying the beautiful weather  2.19.17

2.21.17 Wrestling/Family Pileup

 2.25.17 Ruby "helps" with a Saturday morning breakfast of Crepes.

Just taking this little squirt to run some errands.  She's my last little shopping buddy so even though she's a royal pain sometimes, I enjoy spending time with her! 

Blue & Gold Banquet (Cub Scouts)

Ruby is wearing boy clothes because we had a play date with a cousin that morning.  They were playing with the hose and the water table outside and she got pretty wet.  We borrowed some clothes from her boy cousin and she looked so cute in them I kept them on her all day!

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