Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sam turns 5 & Gets a Daniel Tiger Birthday Cake

Sam turned 5!!

My little gingerhead boy is SO grown up now!  Let's just remember for a minute what a cute little chunk of adorableness he was:

Oh my gooshness!! I miss this little baby!!  

How the heck is he so OLD??

We just invited all our near-by family over for his birthday cake part.  Lucky we have lots of Georgia cousins and a Grandma nearby :)

  Can you tell that he likes candy???

He really needed a new bike.  We found one around Christmas time, bought it and stashed it in the basement storage room!  He was so excited about it!

So, lets talk cake!
As you know I always make a special cake for each of my kids' birthdays.  It's kind of the only tradition that we've managed to stick with year after year so I'm going to keep it up as long as possible!


Can I just say this was the HARDEST year for choosing a cake??

You see Sam adores his big brother.  He does everything Luke does, whether or not he truly likes it.  And currently Luke loves everything Pokemon.  But sometimes it's really obvious that Sam would rather do something else.  But since he so badly wants to do everything with Luke, he plays along.  
When it comes to picking a cake, however, I knew Pokemon wasn't really what he wanted.  And though he likes Daniel Tiger, it's also not his favorite, but he was pretty happy about it anyway!  He watches it every day with Ruby.  He actually wanted a Trolley cake...but I convinced him to do a tiger head because a trolley cake looked way more involved!!


Here's a quick step-by-step in pictures :)


Happy Birthday buddy!

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