Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Phone Misc

Here's a bunch of random pictures taken from my phone throughout January!

Milkshakes & Moana 

Mommy & Ruby 

Awww ~ Ruby with Bilbo 

 Ruby was BEYOND happy that Frodo got into the stroller!  It didn't last long but she thought it was awesome! 12.31.17

 We opened some belated Christmas gifts from Grandma & Grandpa ~ Boogie Boards for all the kids!! They loved them and still play with them all the time!

Stupid neighbor cat (the one outside) that looks like a FAT version of our kitties (who are indoor-only kitties).  He comes over all the time to stare into our windows.  It freaks me out because I think that one of our cats got outside somehow!! 1.5.17

The biggest apple ever! The picture just doesn't do it justice! This apple fed all 3 of my kids for snacktime! 1.9.17
This is "snow" in Georgia.  Or at least, this is what we actually got after they predicted a massive snow storm and then closed everything and sent kids home early from school. 

Ruby being Ruby.  Somehow got the cat in the stroller again! 

Yay for Projects!!  Hubby & I built a shelf in the bottom of our coat closet so now there is spot for the kids' baskets and all the shoes to go underneath!!   

I got the pantry started on organization! It still has a long way to go, but this is a massive improvement! I only wish I took a "before" picture.  1.8.17



Luke and Samuel (not my Sam!) at Cub scouts.  They are the only two boys for their age group since every other family dropped out when no one would step-up to be a leader.  

 Sam loves it when the cats come and snuggle on him!

Candy land time! 

More games but with daddy this time

Tacos!!!  The kids love when daddy rolls them up like burritos! Daddy did it too, and he's going to hate me for posting this picture :)

Now I have TWO kitties on my lap when we watch TV at night! 

Ruby drew a FACE!! 

 How many 2 year olds do you know that hold their pens correctly??

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