Friday, January 27, 2017

Family PJ Night at Preschool

Sam's preschool had a really fun family activity.  PJ & Pizza Night!  We started off eating pizza and then we went through all the classrooms doing different activities! All the kids wore pajamas and they had a ton of different activities to do.  It was the day before Sam's 5th birthday, so it was a perfect beginning to his fun birthday weekend!

Shaving big brother's face...Luke is such a good sport!

Getting tattoos 

They ran around the room and then they got to jump across the mattresses like monkey's jumping on the bed!  Ruby LOVED it and she looked so adorable in her pj's jumping across like the big kids!

Making (more like eating) fruit loop necklaces

Ice Cream Cones!!

There were TONS of cute activities for the kids to do. We had tons of fun at his preschool.

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