Monday, January 09, 2017

A Post about Goals and Commenting


Katie here.

I'm still alive...I think!

So I let my lovely little blog here wither away and DIE.


I hate to be that person...the one that lets things sit forever and then apologize to anyone who may still be reading that you've been busy and just let things go.  But here I am.

The person I've let down the most is probably myself! I never wanted to let things get so far behind and even after I had kid #2 I fought HARD to keep it up and I did OK!  But then #3 ~ little miss tornado Ruby ~ pretty much killed this thing for me.  I won't even tell you how far behind I am in my picture managing and editing!  {It's pretty scary!}

But it's a new year so I'm starting over!  It's a goal of mine to blog at least once a week.  I'm thinking that is pretty darn doable.

Talking about goals for 2017... I was challenged by a friend to create a vision board for all my goals and things I want to remember as I go through 2017.  So here it is:

I tried to pick some goals that were achievable and some that would make me stretch a bit.  

I would love to know what goals you have for this year!  I have posted this picture on my Smile Like You Mean It Facebook page ~ if you want to make your own vision board I would LOVE to see it and you can post it there in the comments.   

Just one more thing

I would love it to be one of your goals to write more comments on the things you read and posts you like! 

I have been so guilty of this too.  When I see something on Instagram or Facebook that I like ~ it's so easy just to hit the little "Like" buttons and then move on.  But you know what would help everyone out so much more?? Real comments.

Comments help build better relationships.  Comments make real connections.  Comments help you express yourself and therefore allow the author to understand what it is exactly you "like" about the post. For me personally, when i get actual comments on my pictures and posts, it makes me motivated to post more! Which is better for everyone isn't it??

Make it a goal of yours to comment on Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and blog posts that you read.  Take the time to tell people what you think and feel, acknowledge your friends' lives, and share both joys and pains with others.  Comments don't have to be witty or lengthy...just something short and sweet that lets the person know that you visited, or what you think, or shows your support or whatever it may be.

And when people comment on your posts...reply comment back!! That way they know their effort of actually commenting was worth it and they, in turn, will continue to write more comments in the future. Win-Win for everyone!

I feel like there's been such a growing disconnect with people on social media.  I'm not saying that an occasional simple "Like" click is not OK.  I just think everybody should make more of an effort to make real connections and build better relationships with our friends by commenting more often.

Just a thought ;)

Thanks for reading!  


  1. I appreciate your thoughts about comments as opposed to just "likes," so true! Good luck with your goals this year!

  2. Hmmmm... I wonder whatever happened to my blog....

    1. It also withered away...Instagram is a good substitute, though, I think! Especially when you print it out with Chatbooks!

  3. That's a great bunch of goals for the new year. I admire how you also check up on your progress at the end of each year and keep working on ones that fell a little short. Keep up the good work! I joined a challenge group for the first time. You keep track of points when you do things, and at the end of the month, someone will be awarded a small prize for doing the best. Don't care much about winning a prize, but it is a simple way to be accountable.

    1. I love challenge groups! They are great for accountability and help you to keep going when you want to quit.


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