Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ruby's Puppy Paw-ty

Time to brush the dust of this lil' blog of mine.
First things first, Ruby's party pictures!  I've been posting sneak peaks on social media but now that the party is over I can post everything!

I was thinking of all the things Ruby likes, and one of them is cats and dogs--so I plugged "puppy party" into Pinterest and of course a million wonderful (and EASY) ideas popped up, so I was sold.  It didn't take long to plan and start putting things together to make an awesome themed party come to life for our little 2 year old. 

I made doggy ears for all the kids to wear at the party!  I got packs of elastic headbands at the dollar store, and I used a few of those, but those work better for boys that don't care about cute hair getting messed up.  I had a stash of regular headbands that I used for the rest--these were also easier to put on and off for the littler ones.  I used felt, flannel, fleece and lots of hot glue to put these together.  It only took me a day or two of my spare time to get them all done. 

I also made a big Tic Tac Toe game using felt and hot glue.  It was a 30 minute project. 

 Not so quick of a project (but they did turn out cute) were the paw print and doggy bone crayons I made.  I bought the molds on Amazon (about $12 for both) and I took our big box of broken crayson, unwrapped them and melted them down into these crayons.  Taking the wrappers off was time consuming and not so much fun.  I'm not sure I would do it again...  We let the kids color Doggy related coloring pages with them as an activity, and then I added a crayon to each goodie bag.  I also ordered some paw print stamps for the goodie bags

This is our great room/family room.  I kept decor simple and just put up a few streamers and balloons.  I used all our doggy stuffed animals for decor, too.  I covered up the artwork with wrapping paper.  

 I got these stuffed dogs at the dollar store and each kid got to take one home in their goodie bag. 
The view from the fireplace end of the room (And my kitchen that badly needs a paint job!)
I made this banner to match the red/aqua blue black color scheme

 I cut paw prints in vinyl with my cricut and stuck them around the room and on the tablecloth

 The fun part was all the ideas for food! 
I got the black dog dishes at the Dollar Tree and the fire hydrant cupcake stand on Amazon.

 The crowning glory was Ruby's Cake!  I saw this picture on google images (couldn't find a real source) and used it as inspiration.  There was no tutorial, so i had to figure out which pans to use, etc to make the 3D shape.  
(I might put up a tutorial for how I did it later; I will insert a link here when I do)

 She looks sad because there were a LOT of people there at the party--ALL her Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandma were able to come so it was over 20 people and really loud and a bit overwhelming for her.  

When it was time to blow out the candles, she didn't know what to do.  She reached out to touch them so Daddy stepped in and was trying to show her.  If she was in a better mood, she probably would have tried, but luckily a cousin stepped in and helped her blow them out ;)

She kept saying "caaake" over and over until I got her some ;)

We got the kids to play a game of "hot potato".  We used a squeaky dog bone toy for our potato and I had my hubby play the song "Who Let the Dogs Out" for the music.  He was controlling it -pausing and stopping to get the kids "out" and it worked out great!

We finally got a few smiles from the overwhelmed Birthday Girl while she opened some presents! 
She has such thoughtful Aunts and Uncles and Grandparetns that picked out the best gifts for her--she loved them all and it kept her busy all night and the next day like Christmas! 

 Here's a picture of all the kids in their puppy ears! Actually missing a bunch of kids, but because we waited until the end of the party instead of the beginning...

 Also, B-day Girl really wanted to go to bed because it was past 7 and she didn't get a nap that day! There were some other grumpies, too ;)

My husband, who has been campaigning for a dog for a while now, really wanted to get Ruby a puppy for her birthday present!  Shot that one down fast, but we settle for this adorable puppy house with 5 little pups to play with and she really loved it!
She loved ALL her toys--she has some great Aunts and Uncles that got just the right gifts!  Thank you to all who came and helped us celebrate our little Ruby Kate!


  1. Katie, you are amazing! You totally need to post a cake video! Also you need to hire yourself out for parties! I'd have you plan mine!!

  2. Katie, you are amazing! You totally need to post a cake video! Also you need to hire yourself out for parties! I'd have you plan mine!!

  3. William still loves his dog! Thanks for a great party even though we couldn't stay the entire time.

  4. The party was SO cute. Happy birthday 2 year old Ruby. ❤️

  5. wow, so cute. This must be memorable party. really like your idea


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