Thursday, March 24, 2016

The First Egg Hunt

Our realtor has these amazing customer appreciation events every year and this year was the 3rd annual Easter Egg-stravaganza!  There was a professional photographer for pictures, Pictures with the Easter bunny, a petting zoo, Inflatables, a massive egg hunt and of course lots of food!  All in all a great way to start all the Easter fun!  My sister and her family (long time friends with our realtor, Joe) and my brother Al and his family are always there, too because we all used Joe for finding and buying our houses!

I'm hoping to get a picture from the actual photographer, but this is one I snuck with my own camera.  Ruby kept giving us the stink face, but I think towards the end the photographer got smiles from everyone!

 Luke trying to pet a baby goat! Sam was not interested and merely followed Luke around.  He wouldn't touch the animals!

Ruby  loves animals but she was really unsure about being in the same pen with a bunch of them!  There were several rabbits and goats running around, a pony, turtles, chinchilla, guinea pig, a duck, a big pig, funny looking chickens, and I'm sure there were more that I didn't notice. It was so fun and the animals were all really tame and cute. 

She was much happier to get out of the petting zoo pen.

Sam and his cousin Mara waiting for their age group to start (0-5)
 Sam loves Mara so much.  I think he would go live at her house in a heartbeat.
 He was SO EXCITED so go get eggs!

This is Luke's cousin, Isaac.  Isaac was trying to make getting a good picture hard--but I tricked him and ended up getting a smile when he didn't realize it!  I do have about 10 others with goofy faces ;) Luke and Isaac were in the next age group (6-10). 

 It didn't take Ruby long to figure out there was candy in the eggs!  This is actually her first "real" Easter season because last year she was only like 6 months old and didn't care one bit about it all.  I just wish she were walking so she could have participated herself!

I'm sure I'll post again about this coming weekend and all the rest of our Easter festivities so stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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