Saturday, March 26, 2016

Thanksgiving Point Egg-streme and Curiosity Museum

Saturday we met up with Grandpa Brown at the Thanksgiving Point Egg-streme egg hunt.  
It was crazy crowded, but I think the boys had fun despite the huge lines for everything and the mad chaos that was the egg hunt. 

I attempted to let Ruby participate in the 0-3 egg hunt---she was basically just surrounded by the insane crazy parents.  She came out with one egg, but it was seriously a joke.
  She was much happier chilling in the stroller with her new sunglasses

We left the event to go play at the curiosity museum.
Grandpa Brown reading Ruby a book in the library...  

 Ruby was in heaven in this toddler area! She played here for-ev-er and loved every minute. 

She really didn't want to leave--we'll definitely have to go back soon sometime. 

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