Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Misc Pics

Ruby and Luke (1-4-16) 
Sam, Ruby, Luke (1-4-16)
 Sam 1-4-16

Ruby enjoys spending time up on my computer desk {1-15-16}

The ball pit also works well for a pool of stuffed animals! 1-18-16

 Sam and his cousin Mara enjoying lunch together {1-20-16}
 Ruby and her incredibly messy pasta eating {1-26-16}
I actually ended up just throwing those socks away because of the stains! 

 1-11-16 Ruby and the Mirror...that's one way to keep her happy during a shopping trip!

Tried to get a few cute pictures of Ruby wearing an outfit that her Grandma bought for her a few months ago for her birthday and now she finally fits into...She wasn't too happy about the impromptu photoshoot. (1-29-16) 

FINALLY found a good place to put all the arts/craft/school stuff!!  It's been working out great (well except when Ruby gets in here and starts eating crayons...) 1-12-16

1-17-16 Ruby sits with me everyday while I do my hair and makeup

 A picture of the damaged cake that I mentioned here 1-28-16

Sadness Strikes 1-29-16

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