Saturday, December 05, 2015

Festival of Trees

This was our first year ever visiting the Festival of Trees!  There is so much to do there that one could easily spend an entire day and never get bored, but we only had about 2 hours before Ruby started pitching fits and needed a nap.  

We bought tickets for the craft area and the boys had a lot of fun here.  
First they made minions out of TP rolls.
Ruby entertained herself with lots of snacks...
This fishing game was a little frustrating because the magnets weren't that strong and the boys kept dropping the prize.  We finally gave up and just picked it up with our hands so we could give the other kids a turn.

 They really liked making their own cute little caterpillars

Then I dragged everybody around so I could look at all the hundreds of pretty tree displays!  The boys liked this one because Luke was going through a little abominable snowman phase and was watching Rudolf every day.  

 The impossible task of getting all 3 to look good for a picture...

 At least we tuckered out the redhead and he conked out on the drive home.

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