Sunday, October 04, 2015

Ruby Kate Turns One

Our little Ruby turned ONE yesterday!  We celebrated her special day with lots of family and polka dots!  

I made Ruby's shirt with purple heat transfer vinyl, and I also made her little hair bow.  My mom whipped up her little double layer skirt using this tutorial and fabric I had on hand.   I had originally made her a little tulle tutu to wear, but she was not a fan once I put it on her.  So I made it bigger and put the tutu on her high chair instead (see below). 

I had no idea opening her presents would be just as or perhaps MORE entertaining that her cake smash!  She ripped off little pieces at first...

She kept looking around at everybody as if to say "Are you SURE it's OK to rip this??"  Usually she gets in trouble for ripping papers!
 Daddy, Is this ok? You're sure...

The best part was when she started using her feet to prop things up.  She does this all the time--like a little monkey doll!

 She would rip off the pieces and then hand them to daddy!

All of the cousins!

And finally, the long awaited cake smashing!

She didn't make it too far into the cake, but she still managed to make a big mess!

Into the bath you go!
Here she is again playing with one of the books she got and using her feet to prop it up!
We had so much fun eating and mingling with family today! Ruby was in good spirits all day and was being really entertaining and cute.  I'm so glad we took the time to celebrate our little Ruby Kate.

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