Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Yearly First Day School Pictures

 I can't believe the summer is over and school has begun again.  It snuck up on me so fast!
This year Luke started first grade which means he is at school from 9:15 until 3:30. It is SUCH a LONG day without him home and we miss him so much!

He was beyond excited, however, to be able to have more recess and eat lunch at school. 
So far he's loving every minute of it. 

Per tradition, here is his yearly start of the school year interview:

Just as I knew it would be, Luke going off to school really bummed out Sam.  He and Luke did EVERYTHING together over the summer and his best friend was going to be gone all day long.  The first day was really rough and he missed him a lot.  Sam kept asking when we could go pick up Luke from school and he was really excited when it was finally time to pick him up. 

To help break up Sam's week and give him something to look forward to I signed him up for a really fun preschool twice a week for 3 hours in the morning.  As part of his preschool they do some gymnastics which he is really loving.  He was SO EXCITED when it was his turn to go to school! 

I had fun doing this interview with Sam for the first time.  Sometimes he needed some help answering the questions :)

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