Monday, August 10, 2015

Ruby is 10 Months Old

My little princess is TEN months old!  How the heck did that happen?  Didn’t I just bring her home??  Now she’s crawling all over the place and eating real people food.  And screaming…LOTS of happy screaming and squeals and babbling. She says Dada and Mmmmom-ma and Yay! (which is the cutest) 

She’s a pro at clapping her hands.  Will do it immediately if you start singing “If you’re happy and you know it…”  She also recently began waving bye-bye and saying “Bi-bi”  especially if you walk toward the garage door to leave.   

To say she’s very curious is an understatement.  I find her army crawling herself down random hallways now.  I have to remember to keep the floors clean of anything yuck that might end up in her mouth if she wanders down this way or that way.  She mostly uses her left elbow and feet to propel herself forward---lots of work but she gets where she wants to go.  She’s only just starting to get up on her knees and rocking.   

She’s getting better at sitting up, but she’d rather lean forward and then flop to her belly so she can go places.

 I love seeing her little smile and a mouth full of little teeth!  She has a pretty bad upper lip tie that may give her a bad gap in the front, but there’s nothing the pediatrician will do about it right now.   
She makes a lot of funny faces, squinty faces, cheesy grins, etc…adorable.   

 She is a little doll, too.  Weighing only 14lbs.  24.75 inches tall.  Pretty much any baby at any age that we know is bigger than her.  Even my friends’ 1 month old is bigger than her now.  It’s all good though—I have a lot of cute clothes for her in this size ;)  And she’s easier to carry around!

I just want to eat those little legs!

We have been going outside more and more.  
We use it as something different to do because she gets tired of playing downstairs and then upstairs all the time.  She has a lot of time to play because she hardly naps during the day. 
 She loves feeling the wind and she’s starting to be OK with the grass.  She doesn’t like it if you plop her right down on it, though.  It has to be her choice!  

Ruby loves toys that make noise or plays music.

She loves books and turning the pages!  I didn’t realize she could do that until I started reading to her more often!  She did it like it was instinct.

She LOVES bath time.  We recently ditched the blue baby bathtub—she’s a little fishy kicking and splashing around on her tummy!  

She’s already turning out to be a picky eater.
 She has 7 teeth—4 on top, 3 on the bottom.  They all came pretty fast and made for some miserable nights, but we seem to be having a little break from teething at the moment.  Knock on wood.
Her hair is getting more and more RED everyday.  It certainly looks red outdoors and in a lot of pictures I take of her.  It’s really pretty with a lot of blonde mixed in.  I am so glad she has so much hair and doesn’t try to take out the bows all the time!  Hats are a different story.  She’s always taking off the hats.  

Our little Ruby Kate!  Only 2 more months until your first birthday! 

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