Monday, December 29, 2014


It was a tradition in my family growing up to have puzzles out for everyone to work on at their leisure during the Christmas break so I suggested we work on a puzzle this year during our down times.  It was fantastic and kind of made me wish we had a puzzle table set up year round or something—wouldn’t that be fun?DSC_1158-2 DSC_1162-2 DSC_1163-2 DSC_1170-2 DSC_1180-2 DSC_1197-2

Even the boys tried to help! DSC_1144-2 DSC_1147-2 DSC_1166-2 DSC_1171-2 DSC_1187-2 DSC_1188-2a DSC_1190-2

We finished our first puzzle and it was so much fun we started another one!DSC_1232-2

Luke discovered that the last piece of the puzzle is very important…

He totally swiped it and waited until we were done so he could reveal that he had it and got to place it in! The little sneak! DSC_1237-2 DSC_1239-2

This is definitely a tradition we will continue to carry on each year!

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