Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Meeting Santa

If you are reading this in a Blog Reader (like Feedly) I apologize –I’m trying to catch up and post old pictures for journaling reasons.  I realize Christmas was for-ever ago.


This was Sam’s first experience meeting Santa that he will ever remember.  I think it went really well.  It did take a little coaxing from Daddy, but there were no tears and Sam was definitely happy to get candy afterwards!

This was at the Lehi Tree Lighting & Parade on November 29th.  We just happened to get a really good parking spot near the main part of the event.  We missed some of the parade because we got stuck waiting for a train to pass, but we ended up timing things just right and being in just the right spot to get pretty close to the front of the line for Santa. 

DSC_0081-2 DSC_0084-2 DSC_0085-2 DSC_0091-3DSC_0090-2  

We also had a Santa come to our Church Christmas Party.  Not sure the long line for this Santa was worth the wait…he was a bit of a dirty looking Santa and the lighting was terrible.  I opted to keep Ruby away from Santa this year.  Too little. DSC_0656-2DSC_0636-2

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