Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Luke’s Kindergarten Christmas Program

Luke being in Kindergarten has brought many new fun things into our daily life.  One of those things is now we get to go to all his school things—like Christmas programs. 

This year the kids all dressed up in PJs and had to build “boxcars” out of boxes for their train.  It was pretty obvious that was homework for the parents, though.  Thank goodness for duct tape.  DSC_0579-2

He loved it even though I hated making it.

Luke had a prime spot on the stage—right front and center! Perfection.  DSC_0580-2

That’s his teacher, Mrs Rico with the black/white striped skirt. DSC_0583-2DSC_0584-2

They sang a few songs and each had a part at the microphone.  It was really cute and really short (which was perfect!) I was worried about Ruby needing a nap and thought she would be fussy.  I guess it was so warm and cozy in there though she decided just to fall asleep on my arm.  2014-12-16 10.06.07 -2

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