Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Phone Dump Misc

Here’s a bunch of phone-taken photos from the month of December!

He falls asleep a lot since he gets up so early, refuses a nap in his bed and plays hard.2014-12-02 16.00.352014-12-13 08.30.00

Babysitting.2014-12-10 18.27.07

Drove by one day from dropping off Luke from school to see that our grill took a dive bomb off the deck.  There was a reason we had it surrounded by rocks…The darn wind always blows it over.   2014-12-12 10.55.45 2014-12-12 10.56.11  Teacher Gifts2014-12-17 14.08.10

Found this while cleaning.  Speaks volumes. 2014-12-19 16.48.47

Kitty liked hanging out under the Christmas tree.   2014-12-22 07.32.09

Made yummy chocolate pretzels and gingerbread softie cookies for some of the neighbors and friends that brought us gifts! 2014-12-24 13.59.42

An Amazon Christmas… 2014-12-24 21.08.36

This kid refused to where this hat on Halloween and now we can’t get him to take it off. 10852939_1520831181516401_1066981718_n

Happy December!

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