Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Family Pictures

Oh boy is it hard to get a family of 5 including a stubborn 3 yr old redhead and a 2 month old baby to smile/cooperate for 30 minutes so we can attempt to use the tripod to get a somewhat decent family picture!

On happier new—thank goodness for Photoshop! We got a few decent shots considering this was late in the day (5pm) and after a long day of being very dressed up for a 3 hour block of church! Luke, Sam and Ruby all had darling Christmas sweaters that matched thanks to Grandma Brown and Kohl’s coordinating Christmas collection! Scott and I could have found matching sweaters there too, but I thought that was a bit overkill.   I love the kids’ though, they were so so cute in them!

DSC_0737-2bOur Family

Good enough for a late Christmas card to get sent out!Christmas Card 2014

Ruby had a few different outfits for Christmas—this one was from me…DSC_0708-2aDSC_0662-2 DSC_0715-2

And here are some more cute shots taken during our tri-pod family photo session:DSC_0732-2DSC_0859-2  DSC_0788-2b DSC_0802-2 DSC_0809-2b DSC_0844-3 DSC_0853-2 

We took some shots of just me and the hubby, but I had the settings on the timer + tripod wrong and they all came out blurry! It was so sad since they were so cute.  It’s been such a long time me and the hubbs had pictures taken of just the two of us—I was sad.  It’s blurry and unedited, but I’m adding it anyway…DSC_0893

Merry Christmas!!

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