Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Since we knew that Ruby would be so little (only 2 1/2 months) by Christmas time, we planned to spend a nice relaxing Christmas at home this year instead of traveling. 

By some miracle I was really prepared and organized. I had all the wrapping done, presents under the tree (hubby did that part) and stockings filled by 9:30pm Christmas Eve! I’m usually up til Midnight trying to finish things and then up before the kids the next morning to take pictures and put together any last minute things.

{side note: Christmas Eve was also fun—we had hot chocolate and let the kids stay up a bit later watching a Christmas movie in their new Pjs}


Luke slept in, but was still the first one awake.  He loves Christmas!  DSC_0928-2 The best thing was that when we went to bed it was bone dry outside and we woke up to inches of snow and a beautiful white Christmas! I love fresh snow on Christmas morning!DSC_0932-2

This year we lit up our fireplace!  I think we’ve turned it on less than 5 tmies in our 6 1/2 years in this house.   DSC_0937-2

Of course the kitty was very curious about the fire.   DSC_0947-2

Sam eventually joined us and the grand sorting began!DSC_0951-2DSC_0953-2Little miss Ruby decided to join us a bit later in the morning.  Santa didn’t forget her—she got a few perfect-for-her presents, too.   DSC_0949-2  Too early, No photos please ;)DSC_0966-2

I think Sam was happy about his presents! DSC_0958-2

(The black eye courtesy of a head bang into the bunk bed a few days prior)

 DSC_0983-2 DSC_0985-2Luke asked Santa for Lego Transformers…

Thank you China Knock-offs for helping deliver on that crazy request! DSC_0961 DSC_0992-2

Sam LOVED this remote control airplane from his Grandma Brown.  he didn’t want to open any more presents after that—so we conveniently saved them for his birthday in January. DSC_0995-2 DSC_0998-2

I was there, too. DSC_1006-2 DSC_1015-2 DSC_1017-2

The aftermath2014-12-25 16.34.20 Aftermath

I spy a baby… 2014-12-25 16.34.35 I Spy a Baby

The best part of Christmas is that the kids play by themselves ALL DAY.  This Christmas was even better because not only did they have toys to play with but they spent a lot of time playing out in the new snow, too!

We all decided to go out in it (except Ruby who took a nice long nap in her swing)

DSC_1021 DSC_1026-2 DSC_1032-2 DSC_1035-2 DSC_1041-2 DSC_1061-2 2014-12-25 12.38.12-2 2014-12-25 12.38.47 2014-12-25 12.41.33 2014-12-25 12.42.11 -2 Merry Christmas!

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