Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November Photo shoots with Ruby

For a while I considered a Ruby #OOTD (outfit of the day) post since I have so much fun dressing her up and picking clothes for her every day.  But a few photo shoots here and there will have to suffice :)

The Princess did not want to cooperate today (November 10, 2014) DSC_9937-2 DSC_9942-2  

Just hanging out {November 13 2014}DSC_9950-2 DSC_9951-2 DSC_9952-2 DSC_9953-2

Looking sleepy and sweet {November 14} DSC_9955-2 DSC_9958-2 DSC_9962-2 DSC_9967-2

{November 25, 2014} DSC_0003-2 DSC_0006-2 fuzzy DSC_0017-2

{November 6, 2014}DSC_9916-2

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