Saturday, November 29, 2014

November Phone Dump

There are a TON of pictures on my phone from November.  I must have been thinking that crappy phone quality pictures are better than no pictures at all! Apparently having a tiny baby in tow makes it hard for this mommy to go run for the big camera! 

Before (Sam really knows how to make messes!)2014-11-01 17.06.02 After {Nov 1}2014-11-01 17.36.14

Church is hard in the afternoons {Nov 2}2014-11-02 13.52.54

Luke really loves his baby sister.  He is such a good brother! (Nov 4 2014) 2014-11-04 08.39.05

And of course Sam wants to do everything that Luke does, so he ALSO loves his baby sister!  2014-11-04 08.46.38 2014-11-04 08.46.59

First dentist appointment! No Cavities! (Nov 4, 2014) 2014-11-04 15.26.44

Sam wanted to sleep in Luke’s bed on the top bunk—Luke wasn’t complaining! He loved it! {Nov 4} 2014-11-04 19.39.08 2014-11-04 19.39.21

Ruby was just as offended by the amount of laundry needing to be folded as I was {Nov 4} 2014-11-04 19.47.57 2014-11-04 19.48.28

The kitty feeling a bit replaced {Nov 6} 2014-11-06 08.15.29

{Nov 9} 2014-11-09 16.19.40

Boxes are easy and cheap entertainment {Nov 11} 2014-11-11 11.34.51

Looking super cute in a hat! {Nov 12} 2014-11-12 09.05.48

This cat literally sits on my face when he wants attention. {Nov 16} 2014-11-16 10.10.49

Ah….sweet sleeping baby! {Nov 18} 2014-11-18 15.56.00

I do not think it’s a coincidence that babies start smiling at the dreaded “fussy” 6 week mark.  2014-11-19 14.17.36 2014-11-19 14.20.33

Sam has started brining his crayons and paper into my room so he can be with me while I nurse the baby! It’s adorable.  {Nov 21} 2014-11-21 12.07.37 2014-11-21 12.08.29

Rainy Day shopping! {Nov 22} 2014-11-22 11.37.29

They had a Turkey Trot race at Luke’s school.  The winner got to take home a turkey for thanksgiving! I drew some red arrows pointing to Luke.  They had the boys all run together and the girls all run together.  {Nov 25} 2014-11-25 10.46.36 -2 2014-11-25 10.47.10

I’ll take any kind of nap I can get these days. {Nov 25} 2014-11-25 14.06.21

This cat steals my spot when I get out of bed. {Nov 27} 2014-11-27 08.09.15

Baby burrito.  #SwaddlingForTheWin {Nov 28} 2014-11-28 20.48.04

Selfie :) {Nov 29} 2014-11-29 10.25.35-2

Black Friday Shopping at Michaels.  I got dropped off and forgot a binky! I sent this picture to the hubby for sympathy in hopes he would return with a binky asap! {Nov 29}2014-11-29 11.22.02

The cat stole Ruby’s bouncy chair spot when i picked her up for a minute!  {Nov 11} 10808914_567647750003783_339916062_n

Adorable outfit on an adorable baby 10817812_990578234289659_1983736538_n

Things that happened in November that aren’t pictured:

  • Scott flying to Florida for a week long kayaking trip.  He left me home with one month old and two other kids to fend for myself! Girls trip, anyone?? I am way overdue for a solo vacation.
  • Scott’s mom, Brenda, was able to visit for Thanksgiving and Ruby’s baby blessing {those pictures to come soon!} We were able to visit the Aquarium, go shopping and spend lots of quality time together.  We love when Grandma’s come to visit! My kitchen was always so clean :)

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