Friday, October 10, 2014

THe FIrst Week

The week following our return home from the hospital consisted of:

Ruby and I sitting in my nursing rocking chair and watching a LOT of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, Lots of water bottle fill-ups, Scott helping with the boys and walking them to and from Kindergarten.  The rest is a blur. DSC_9421-2 DSC_9428-2 DSC_9447-2  DSC_9450-2 DSC_9453-2

This was probably the only week of Ruby’s existance that she was a “sleepy” baby.  She quickly “woke up” however and became a super fussy baby for the next 2 months!   DSC_9454-2a  DSC_9456-2 DSC_9464-2 DSC_9465-2 DSC_9470-2 DSC_9472-2 DSC_9473-2 We survived the first week of sleep deprivation.  I got a few naps in here and there.  But mostly there was a lot of adjusting to having 3 kids!  Still working on that one!

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