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Ruby’s Birth Story

{warning: lots of details and pictures. 
Feel free to skip if reading about labor and delivery isn’t your thing ;)}

The morning of the day Ruby was born was a hectic one!  I got a phone call the day before saying that I was fourth on the list of inductions and that there were several c-sections scheduled that morning, so be expecting the phone call to come in around 10.  So I had a lazy morning, lingering in bed until after 8 and then taking a nice loooong shower.  The kids were still in PJs and just playing and watching morning TV like they always do.  At 8:45 I was drying my hair when my phone rang!  “uh-oh” i thought as I answered the phone.

Sure enough, it was the hospital!  She asked me when was the earliest I could get there!! In my head I was like, NOT YET!!  But I couldn’t really think straight.  I still had to pack the last of my things into my bag, get the kids dressed, Luke off to school, eat breakfast and take Sam to my sister’s house!  I said I could get there by 9:45…but I should have given myself an extra half hour because we were running around like crazy people unnecessarily.   We managed to split the tasks and get to the hospital by 10. They didn’t seem to mind that we were later than I’d said. (I tend to stress about those things when I don’t need to)

We got checked in and walked to our room.  I changed into the awesome hospital gown and I asked hubby to say a little prayer for us that the day would go well.    I was excited, but nervous.  I get nervous about the IV (i hate getting it) and getting the epidural (I hate getting it even worse).  I was also nervous about our baby’s health since we had issues throughout the pregnancy (placenta previa, baby measuring small, and having to do non-stress tests).  The prayer made me feel peace.  Just having my hubby with me was a big comfort. 

My nurse, Pamela, came in and started on the IV, computer questions, paperwork questions and all the other various things with lots of stories and chit chat in between.  Pamela was awesome and she gave Scott his “Supportive Husband” to do list.  This list included 1. Keeping the house, especially the bathrooms, clean 2. Taking care of the other kids 3. Flower or chocolate or a love note! 4. Being there for a crying shoulder when the crazy hormonal baby blues hit no matter how illogical or irrational the reason for the crying is!  She made us laugh and feel at ease the whole day. 

Pitocin was started about 11am (was about a 2.5cm).  After everything was going, we talked and played games on our phones (currently binge playing Farm Heroes Saga).  

Around 12:20, they turned down the Pitocin and had me lay on my side because Baby’s heart rate was dropping a bit too low during contractions, which were coming a bit too fast. 
1:00 Scott left to get lunch.  The contractions kicked up on the pain scale, but were only a 3-4 (distracting but not long or awful.  Baby was doing great.  I will mention that I could still feel her moving and kicking during labor which was so strange to me because I distinctly remember not being able to feel the boys during labor (to the point of getting worried about it).  

Scott came back with his lunch and then Dr Haskett came to break my water.  However, I had REALLY REALLY wished that I had gotten he epidural before he did that!  The baby was up really high and it was the worst pain I’d ever felt in my life---aaaaaah.  After that I was like—NO MORE PAIN.  So I went ahead and had them order the epidural STAT.  I didn’t want the contractions to start feeling bad too.  The anesthesiologist was there within a few minutes and we got started.  I really hate getting epidurals; the process is scary to me.  But I’m a total wimp so I suck it up and get it so I don’t have to deal with labor pains instead.  At least Hubby was there so I could squeeze the living daylights out of his hand during the process! 
After all that it was 2:45.  

It took a while for the epidural to start working and while I was waiting for it to kick in (and pushing that button as many times as I could) the contractions moved up on the pain scale to a 5 and 6.  Then it kicked in and I was just itchy (typical for me) and numb.  And sleepy.  Always sleepy.  I was trying to read a book, but it was boring so I kept falling asleep until 4:15. 
At 4:15 I was dilated to a 6.  They sat me up in bed to help the baby to drop into position better.  Up that point I was laying down alternation sides.  Baby’s heart rate was dipping with each contraction so they were monitoring it carefully.  I could hear the heart beat on the monitors and even i could tell it was pretty low with each contraction.  

5:15 Dr Haskett came to check on me.  I was about 5 1/2 according to him.  He joked about the movies that were available in the break room.  There are a lot of chick flicks in there and he told us that one husband came back telling his wife that Men In Black was the only movie he could find!
That pesky epidural started to wear off.  I could feel more intense contractions and pushing the self-med button wasn’t helping.  I couldn’t focus on writing (the birth story in real time), reading or even playing my silly phone game whenever they hit.  

5:50 (still about a 6) They placed an amniotic tube to pump in liquids to help measure the contractions and their strength.  It also helped move the baby into place.  From all the events of the day it really seemed like baby wasn’t happy we were making her come out! I still felt contractions for 30 to 40 minutes and some of them were pretty uncomfortable.  Just when I was about to ask them to dose me up more, the nurse came in to check me and said I was complete! I was a bit shocked.  Within 20 minutes I’d gone from a 6 to a 10 and it was time to push!  (in hindsight I don't know why I was surprised--the same thing happened with both my boys, too)
 I decided I didn’t need to increase my epidural since pushing usually helps ease that pain anyway.  I’m too busy focused on pushing to feel pain from the contractions.  

It was GO time!

Dr Haskett and a team of nurses came in.  He said he wanted the whole team there because her heart was dipping with each contraction and there was meconium in my water so it was just a precaution in case she needed extra help after delivery.  It only took 5 minutes to get set up and then I started pushing!  Five more minutes and a just a few pushes later she was out!  She was born at 6:29 with a ton of hair on her head! She was definitely a girl (another needless worry—I totally had the irrational thought I would go home with a boy) and I was so excited to hold her. 

I was also so anxious to find out how big she was!
7lbs 12.8 oz---rounded up to 13 oz. 18.5 inches long (my shortest baby)
It’s always so surreal to me that you wait 9 long months and get bigger and bigger and then in just the blink of an eye BAM you have a new baby in your arms!  You are done being pregnant and now you have a new little baby to take care of.  

The next few hours were a blur of pictures, Scott leaving to take the baby for a bath, getting wheeled to the mother’s wing, phoning my mom, texting all the rest of our family and posting Ruby’s first ever picture on social media ;)

That’s the end of the actual birth story ~ congratulations if you actually read through that whole thing!  

Next up I’ll post about the boys meeting her, Ruby coming home and her first week home.
Thanks for reading!


  1. She is so perfect, and beautiful! You look pretty amazing yourself. I always look like a train just hit me.

  2. I read it! Congratulations to YOU!


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