Thursday, October 02, 2014

One Day More

Welp.  We made it.  DSC_9180-2bBaby Girl’s due date is tomorrow and I will be very excited to get that phone call from the hospital telling me it’s time to come in! 

I’ve been having crazy contractions here and there since last weekend, but nothing consistent.  Good thing for inductions!  This baby is certainly getting evicted this weekend.  The bags are packed, the camera is charged and we are ready to meet this baby girl! 

Since we are pretty much ready, I just spent the morning hanging out with a friend, cleaning up the house and then I tried a few different times today to get some last minute belly shots:

DSC_9080-2 DSC_9108-3 DSC_9168-3

Here’s my 39 week pictures from when I was pregnant with Sam (11lbs).  I’m not entirely convinced that this baby girl will be much smaller like the Doctor and techs are saying…DSC_3770-2

We are excited to find out not only how big she is, but also if she will have hair and if that hair will be RED!

Now I just need to convince everyone to keep my house this clean through the weekend…

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  1. So excited for you! Hope you and baby are healthy and happy. Love you!


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