Friday, October 31, 2014


The Ward Trunk-or-Treat was the day before Halloween this year which meant I had one day less to get costumes together.  I pretty much waited until the day before that (Wednesday) to figure out the boys’ costumes and get on that.  Not a great idea when you have a newborn to take care of.  I was sewing non-stop from Wednesday to Thursday night to get their costumes ready on time.

I’m not sure where the idea came from but we managed to convince Luke to be a wizard and so we made Sam one, too.  My only regret was not making them both green capes and star wands Sam did NOT want anything to do with the bronze one and it took all my coaxing to get him to wear it.  They fought over that green star wand for the entire day before, during and after Halloween.  {insert major eye-roll here}

We were blessed with yet another warm and beautiful Halloween!  We did trick-or-treating on Main Street in American Fork, again, but we decided it’s gotten way too popular and we probably won’t go next year (we hate huge crowds like that!)

DSC_9765-2 DSC_9774-2b DSC_9778-2 DSC_9780-2 DSC_9801-2 My stubborn little wizard.  After these pictures were taken, he would NOT wear this hat anymore.   DSC_9829-2b He also did not want to take anymore pictures, so he proved it to me by fake-pouting and being silly.  He thinks he is hilarious.DSC_9832-2 

I really had no options for Ruby, but while at Walmart picking up fabric for the capes, I found this cute little onesie for her to wear.  I later made her a cute little pumpkin on a headband to go with it (but not until I had more free time on Friday!) DSC_9693-2b DSC_9698-2

It wouldn’t be a true picture of Ruby without her screaming her head off!DSC_9717-2 DSC_9739-2b DSC_9852-2b DSC_9860-2

Sam was especially excited to trick-or-treat for the first real time this year!  He loved it!DSC_9834-2 DSC_9836-2

After my kids had sugar overload…we put the candy bags up high.  Sam thought if he dragged this chair over he would be able to reach it.  Oh silly boy, mommy is way to smart for that!DSC_9712-2

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