Thursday, October 09, 2014

Bring Home Ruby

We brought Ruby home Sunday (Oct 5) after lunch.  I ordered a giant meal for Lunch that I shared with hubby and then we skedaddled out of that place so fast!

I loved the nurses I had while I was there, but I hate hospital beds and I was ready to get back to my comfy house and boys. 
So round and cute in her carseat!DSC_9360-2
The Kitty meets Ruby for the first time!  He was twice her size! He didn’t seem to care either way.  He sniffed her new car seat and walked away.  DSC_9370-2
My sister had Luke and Sam and we had her family meet us at the house.  My niece was in love with Ruby right away!  My nephew also loves the babies ;) DSC_9375-2 DSC_9376-2 DSC_9377-2
She said “She likes me and she’s going to keep me forever!” DSC_9387-2 DSC_9390-2 DSC_9394-2 My other nephew took a turn, but once I got the picture he was ready to hand her back asap! DSC_9404-2
Sam disappeared for a while and I found him on our bed conked out. DSC_9407-2
When he woke up we kept with tradition and let the boys open gifts from the new baby.  Ruby got Luke a transformer and Sam a hexbug track.    DSC_9414-2DSC_9411-2
It’s good to be home!

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