Monday, June 02, 2014

Mother’s Day Gift Idea

My friend, Chandee needed help with her project, and in the process I ended up making on of my own for my own mom! 

This is a quick, easy and cheap project with lots of love and sentiment attached!

SUPPLIES: Apron (found at Hobby Lobby (less than $5) + Fabric paint + remnant of ribbon or fabric or both for the embellishing. DSC_7881

First wash the apron and iron out wrinkles.

Then take a 2 inch wide and about 1 1/2 the width of the apron long piece of fabric.  Sew a basting stitch down the center and pull the strings to gather it making a ruffle.  Sew the ruffle near the bottom of the apron.  I also made a flower to embellish the top part of the apron.  Then I sewed a ribbon right down the stitching of the ruffle to add just a little more embellishment.    

I was originally only going to take the handprints of my own kids, but then I realized I have all of my mom’s grandkids living within 10 minutes of my house so why not grab them all?!  Squirt some fabric paint on a paper plate, use a foam brush and paint a good amount onto the child’s hand and press onto the apron.  You need to have a generous amount so that it shows up on the apron.  You could practice on a separate piece of fabric until you get the desired consistency—but it’s likely that grandma will love it no matter what :)

Later than evening after the handprints have dried, write the names above the prints using the fabric paint.  Mine was a kind that had a good tip already good for writing—otherwise you could use a sharpie paint pen or maybe a fabric marker to write the names.  You could also create name stencils and then brush on the fabric paint to fill them in.

Wrap, package and ship!  A one-day project—let dry overnight and it’s ready to go!

PS My own mom loved hers and wore this proudly to an event she was helping with in a kitchen!   

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