Thursday, June 05, 2014

Katie Turns 28

It’s so funny when I have my birthday because in my head I’ve already been 28 for a few months.  Now I’m officially 28.

Had a great birthday yesterday! A Morning at the Playground with my sister, niece and nephews. Birthday phone calls from my parents and all my brothers. I took a nice looooong nap in the afternoon.  Birthday flowers and a funny card from the hubby--who also did all the dishes and did his best to make my birthday special. We ate Cafe Rio, made a pie together for my birthday cake and then watched the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Only two more years left of my twenties! We didn't get to eating the pie until this morning. Sam kept blowing out my candles before I could get to them--I need to start recording birthday cake moments because they are so funny.

Birthday Flowers DSC_8300-2 DSC_8307-2 DSC_8317-2 DSC_8322-2

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