Monday, June 09, 2014


Big-Brother-Promotion Time to make this blog-official! 

Sam will be a big brother coming this fall!  I’m certain he will hate not being the center of attention, but I’m hoping someday he will be a sweet, helping boy just like his big brother, Luke.  And that he will be a great big brother to his baby sister!

We found out on the 21st that we were having a GIRL!  We are beyond excited to finally be adding a little girl to our family!  I can’t wait!  In fact it’s really really hard for me to stop looking at/buying baby girl clothes.  Lucky for me a friend down the street has had 3 girls and is now having a boy, so she gave me oodles and oodles of clothes to go through.  I took over half of what she gave me so now I at least have a good base of clothes instead of nothing! 

Luke has been wanting a baby sister and I’m more than happy to deliver on his wishes!  Should be interesting to see how Little Sam takes the reality of it all.  It may be quite the challenge. 

PS. I think naming a baby girl is WAY harder than a boy. 

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