Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Visit From Grandma Brown

Grandma Brown came to visit and we did so many fun things!DSC_8437-2
The best was probably visiting the new Loveland Aquarium in Draper, UT.  My camera didn’t give me the best pictures, but they’ll do ;)
Luke is standing by my favorite—the Penguins.  We went to the smaller facility many times and it’s so nice to see the animals really branch out and go crazy and have fun in their new, larger tanks and habitats!DSC_8399
DSC_8415 DSC_8418 DSC_8423DSC_8425  DSC_8430DSC_8434DSC_8436   
We also went to the playground—always fun. DSC_8353 DSC_8356DSC_8366 DSC_8368
I didn’t snap too many pictures of our other adventures, but we spent some good quality time with the Haleck Family (Scott’s cousins) including an afternoon up in the Canyon and a fun family dinner.  I did get this one picture of Sam digging in the dirt up in the canyon! DSC_8347

Oh Yeah, and we get really excited when Grandma lets us pick out a new toy at the store!
Sam was so excited he carried the box of duplos all the way to the check out!

Yes, we definitely love it when any of our grandparents can come visit!!

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