Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Fun Events

Easter Egg Hunt at the Park with Influence Realty
Our Realtor and friend Joe Willis, with his team/coworkers, throws huge customer appreciation events throughout the year.  This Spring they promised a big fun Easter Egg Hunt with the Easter Bunny arriving in a helicopter!  It did not disappoint!
Sam really just wanted a balloon…and he wasn’t happy DSC_7317-2
…until he got one!DSC_7322-2Then he tried to snake Luke’s away when his popped.   DSC_7328-2
The wait was over and the Easter Bunny arrived in style, throwing eggs down for everyone to grab.   DSC_7348-2
They had 3 large sections for the actual Hunts, too.  Sam did great at his hunt (ages under 3) DSC_7352-2
Luke did fantastic this year!  Last year he walked a way with only one egg that someone took pity on him and let him have from their basket.  This year he knew right what to do and didn’t waste any time getting to work! DSC_7373-2 DSC_7384-2
Easter Morning
The boys were pretty excited Easter Morning, too.   DSC_7410-2 DSC_7415-2
There were a bazillion eggs hidden in the backyard (we’re still finding them 3 months later!) DSC_7454-2 DSC_7483-2 DSC_7514-2
Scott gets credit for this artistic shot of Luke ;) DSC_7567-2
Each boy found a big silver egg with a dollar inside.  Sam didn’t really know what to think about that! DSC_7579-2 DSC_7581-2 DSC_7618-2 DSC_7300
I think they liked their Easter Fun.

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