Friday, January 03, 2014

Snow Play

After {and partially during} the last big snow storm before Christmas my hubby took the boys outside to play in it.  My hubby also made me come out there, so I took my camera outside to keep myself from thinking about the cold!

DSC_6544-3 DSC_6582-2 DSC_6586-2

Our Mr Snowman turned out pretty cute.   DSC_6590-2

Sam kept trying to play with all the same outdoor toys from his summer days.   DSC_6603-2 DSC_6616-2DSC_6626-2  Had to bribe him with Tic-Tacs to get him to take a good picture with Daddy!DSC_6638-2 Yes…Sam is wearing PJs.  I actually have since found 2T snow pants in the closet, but at the time I didn’t think I had anything that fit Sam.  Oh well!

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  1. SO cute! What a wonderful family outing. It does look very cold. We'd like to do that with our family someday. Your Mr Snowman was so cute. What was his mouth made out of? I loved his arms especially. How many tic tacs did Sam need for his picture?


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