Thursday, January 09, 2014

Easy Quiet Book for Church


So it’s January, and I always get an itch to organize at the new year.

I was cleaning out closets and found a big stack of old LDS magazines that I didn’t need to keep anymore.  Before I recycled them, I tore out all the full page artwork.  Each Ensign magazine has an artwork page on the back of the front cover and on the back of the back cover.  Sometimes there are full page artwork put in the magazines before or as part of an article.  So I searched through the stack and found a bunch that were worth keeping.  I tore them out (because I’m lazy) but you should probably use scissors and score them before tearing them out to get a flatter edge.  I cut the ripped sides with my paper cutter to make them look better.

I decided these pictures would be great for an easy quiet book for church!

So I arranged them in the order I wanted and put them in page protectors.  Quiet-Book-for-Church-with-Pictures-from-LDS-Magizines

At this point, you could put them in a binder or a folder with prongs.  I just tied the pages together with ribbons because a binder is heavy and bulky (and I definitely don’t need more heavy & bulky items for my church bag).  I didn’t have a folder on hand.  Quiet-Book-made-with-page-protectors-tied-with-ribbon---Smile-Like-You-Mean-It.netQuiet-Book-for-Church-with-Pictures-from-Ensign-and-LDS-Church-Magizines

That’s it!

The pictures can easily be switched out for new pictures or whatever you want!      Quiet-Book-for-Church-with-Pictures-from-Ensign-MagizinesQuiet-Book-for-Church-with-Pictures-from-Ensign and Church-Magizines

Thanks for reading!

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