Friday, January 10, 2014

Easy Personalized Dry Erase Coloring Binder

Yesterday I showed you the Picture Quiet Book for church where I used magazine rip-outs for the pictures—now here’s some activity books that your kids can color over and over with dry-erase crayons.

I happen to LOVE the possibilities with these dry erase books.

Basically, any free printable coloring page or activity page that you can print off the internet can work for these books! 

Individualize them for each of your kids, too.  I have preschool activities, super hero coloring pages and Angry Birds pages in Luke’s book.  In Sam’s book I will put lots of trucks, animals and Bob the Builder coloring pages.  All you have to do is go to Google and type “bob the builder coloring pages” or “Angry Birds coloring pages” etc.  There are TONS of free pages available. 

If you want another great resource, there is a great list to start with of coloring pages church and non-church alike at Live Craft Eat.

I have 2 versions of this book—one that is church-related and one that is just fun-related.  The fun one I made for our long flight to Florida at Thanksgiving.

Here’s what you need:Dry-Erase-Binder-Supplies

Binder—I like the 1/2” binders because they fit a lot of pages and the crayons and don’t take up too much space in a bag.  If you’re going on a long road trip you may want a bigger binder.

Page Protectors (smooth, non-textured)

Coloring & Activity Pages (there’s thousands available—just do a search or go to Live Craft Eat for a good list) and a Printer to print them off

White Board Cleaner Spray

Crayola Dry Erase Crayons (these are great and come with a cloth to wipe off the pages!)

Zipper Pencil Case with 3 holes (so you can clip it in the binder)

This is SO EASY to put together!

First, print off any and all coloring pages, activity pages and pictures that you want in your binder.  Arrange them and stuff them into the sheet protectors.  It will be tempting to print off everything you find and put them all in there at first—but if you do that your book will be really heavy!  Save some for switching out later!

Clip all your page protectors into the binder and then put in your pencil case. Putting-the-Dry-Erase-Binder-together

Take the crayons and the cloth out of the crayola box and put them in the pencil case for easy transport.Dry-Erase-Binder--Use-a-Pencil-Case-with-holes-to-hold-Crayons

I mentioned in the supplies that you will want White Board Cleaner.  This is optional because the cloth will do a great job of cleaning off the pages—if done sometime soon after the pages are colored. 

However, if you leave the paged colored for a couple days or a week or more…it’s going to take a LOT of scrubbing with just that cloth.  With one little spray of the cleaner and a quick wipe down with a rag the pages will clean off much quicker!

{Monster Doodle Page}How-to-Remove-Dry-Erase-Crayon

I would not recommend using the cloth that came with the crayons with the white board cleaner—use a paper towel or a different rag instead. 

I had a lot of fun finding pages for Luke’s Dry Erase Binder.

There were lots of fun pages like these—Draw a Face and Personalize a Robot pages…Personalized-Dry-Erase-Coloring-Binder-put-in-pages-your-kids-will-love

He really likes Ninja Turtles, Angry Birds, and Superheroes so I had plenty of those to color Personalized-Dry-Erase-Coloring-Binder

And since we were traveling from Utah to Florida, I found these State Pictures to colorPersonalized-Dry-Erase-Coloring-Binder--switch-out-pages-for-different-vacations

And I had pictures for Thanksgiving and Christmas, also:Personalized-Dry-Erase-Coloring-Binder--switch-out-pages-for-different-holidays

Luke has another Dry Erase Binder that my mom made him for Church---Here’s some of the pages from that one: Dry-Erase-Church-Binder-pagesDry-Erase-Church-Binder-pages-2

So many possibilities with these books!  I hope all of you make one and show me if you do!

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