Thursday, December 05, 2013

Thanksgiving in Orlando {Part One}

One last plane ride before Sam turns 2 and we have to buy him a ticket!  To Orlando we went!! DSC_6464-2
  Luke got new superheroes every dayDSC_5949-2
Sam drew mommy lots of pictures and the boys played on our phones/tablet in our down timeDSC_5961-2DSC_5976-2 DSC_5962-2
We flew on Thanksgiving Day, so we made our special dinner on Friday.  Scott’s sister Ali and her husband came down from Georgia, too.   DSC_5972-2  There’s a lake in the backyard of the Orlando house and there a few kayaks in the garage from the big Kayak Trip of 2011.  Scott and I took them out by ourselves and then Scott took each boy out a few times.  DSC_6062-2 DSC_6067-2 DSC_6089-2 DSC_6095-2 DSC_6117-2 DSC_6134-2 DSC_6148 DSC_6172-2 DSC_6180-2 
Thanks to Scott’s parents for coming down to meet us for our family vacation!  DSC_5943-2
Up Next—all our adventures and places we went to see!

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