Friday, December 06, 2013

Thanksgiving in Orlando {Part 2}


We decided to skip Disney World this time, but we still got some Disney fun in by visiting Downtown Disney. 

The Lego Store~always a hit.  Especially the huge Lego Hulk


Sam loves Legos as much as Luke.  They both had a blast putting them together.   DSC_6016-2DSC_6004-2    DSC_6031-2 DSC_6034-2

Sam found a toy that he refuse to part with—he LOVED it! DSC_6046-2

We had lunch with the Dinosaurs and witnessed 3 meteor showers :) DSC_6049-2 DSC_6056-2

Then Scott and I, along with Ali and Anthony ditched the kids with Grandma and Grandpa and spent the next 4 hours at Disney Quest.  It’s a giant 5-6 floor building of every arcade game imaginable.  We loved playing all the video and arcade games all over the place, but our favorite was designing and then riding our very own rollercoaster.  Scott, of course, put in like EIGHT loops and crazy-ness in our roller coaster! It was rated green for mild, yellow for moderate and red for scary/crazy….ALL of our roller coaster was rated RED.  Yeah.  But it was really fun. 

SUNDAY:  turned out to be a very chill day because Luke got the stomach flu and was throwing up all day.  I worked on Family tree orders and Scott and I went out on the Kayak. 

MONDAY:  Luke was still under the weather, but not throwing up anymore.  He stayed home while Scott, Sam and I went to visit some Gardens.  Not too exciting, but Sam enjoyed running around outside in the warm weather for an hour.  Later that evening, Scott and I went out on a Date to Chili’s and a nice long walk around the whole neighborhood.   DSC_6103-2 DSC_6108-2

TUESDAY:  SeaWorld!!  Instead of Disney, we spent our money on SeaWorld.  It’s been ages since Scott or I have been there and the boys have never been. 

Waiting for the Dolphin ShowDSC_6186-2

I got this awesome shot of the Dolphin practically flying! He jumped SO HIGH! DSC_6202-2 DSC_6213-2

I love how close you can get to the animals here!  Luke & Sam were merely feet away from the seals and sea lions!  DSC_6227-2 DSC_6229-2 DSC_6235-2 DSC_6239-2 DSC_6248-2

It was cheesy, but it was my favorite show.  These animals know and do so many funny tricks! DSC_6262-2

And you can’t go to SeaWorld and not see Shamu.  Scott sat in the Splash Zone with Luke…they missed getting soaked by inches!! DSC_6263-2 Shamu DSC_6276-2 DSC_6277-2

After all the shows we took the kids on some rides! The lines were not bad at all and some of them they just walked right on.  Sam was always happy and excited… DSC_6294-2

…until the end of the rides!  He got nervous and scared after being on them for a few minutes.   DSC_6304-2 Scott and I went on the Manta—a huge scary roller coaster where you dangle on your stomach facing the ground.  And I couldn’t get out of it because the wait was only 5 minutes!  I loved going to SeaWorld and I’m glad we could make that part of our vacation. 

Wednesday was our last day—we went to a nearby beach and just relaxed with the boys playing.  DSC_6339-2DSC_6341-2DSC_6346-2DSC_6403-2DSC_6422-2DSC_6426-2DSC_6430-2DSC_6448-2DSC_6455-2

        I was reading Divergent and enjoying laying out in the warm sun!

The next day we flew home…from 80 degrees to less than 20 degrees!!  Brrrrrr.  Definitely came home to winter.  (It was 50 degrees when we left).

A great little relaxing break before 2 straight weeks of chaos and stress!  So glad we could go.    


  1. Looks like such a fun trip! I'm glad you could enjoy some warm weather. No Disney World-Sea World sounds like a great alternative. Especially since I know your boys would love the seals and dolphins and whales. Did the trainers swim with the whales? There's a new documentary called Black Fish about Killer Whales. I thought it was very interesting, and relevant since I've been to Sea World-and now you have too. It's on Netflix. There's a description on there so you can decide if you want to watch it or not. I think Scott would enjoy it. It's definitely not violent, but I probably wouldn't watch it with the kids. I heard about Disney Quest. I didn't make it there while I was up at Disney. I know the roller coaster ride is one of the most popular things there. Glad you were able to enjoy things without long lines.

    1. The trainers stayed on the stages from what I remember. You're probably wondering because of that trainer that got attacked? They did ride the dolphins in the dolphin show, but the whale show was pretty tame.


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