Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Morning

DSC_6674-2 DSC_6682-2

Luke was really excited for Christmas, and even more excited when everything was sorted and he could start opening the presents!DSC_6712-2

Someone wasn’t happy until we turned on the movie “Cars” for him… DSC_6685-2 DSC_6691-2  DSC_6727-2 DSC_6732-2 DSC_6739-2   DSC_6809-2 DSC_6820-2 We didn’t leave out kitty!  He got fancy canned food (a real treat for him!) and a bag of kitty treats as well as some jingle balls to kick around.  Kitty loved all of his gifts :)DSC_6829-2

My loot: DSC_6830-2

His Loot:  {he’s playing with his Kindle Fire tablet} DSC_6833-2

No pictures of the kids toys because they were spread out all over the living room and playing with everything all morning!  That’s what I love about Christmas—kids play with all their new toys and leave mom alone!

Sam played with this piggy bank and cup of coins for at least 30 minutes…DSC_6791-2

Luke got all the Ninja Turtles and was playing with them all morning too.DSC_6836-2

Both boys jumped like crazy on their new trampoline! DSC_6846

The rest of the day we waited for Grandma & Grandpa to come, then everyone gathered at my sisters for Christmas Dinner.  We stayed there for hours eating, talking, playing and having a great Christmas.  


  1. How fun! What a wonderful Christmas!!! Your tree is beautiful. What wonderful "loot" you both got. I'm excited for a sewing machine one day as well. And new shoes ;) Mike and I look forward to the day that Christmas toys are strewn about our living room as well. Does Scott like his Kindle Fire? Does it do more than just being able to read books? Michelle's interested in getting one as well and we didn't know too much about it.

    1. He already has a Nook for reading--he pretty much chose the Kindle Fire for tablet purposes! He was reimbursed for it through work which was his main motivation. He seems to like it and so does Luke who plays it just as much. I like my Nook for reading--I would probably get the one with a glow light if I got another one. I like the electronic ink and wouldn't want to try and read a book on a computer-like tablet screen, but that's just me.


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